What is a Micro Data Center?


A micro modular data center might sound like a high tech home appliance George and Jane Jetson made use of in the classic Hannah-Barbera Productions cartoon The Jetsons, but that’s not what it is.

A micro modular data center is a more minute version of a containerized modular data center. A containerized modular data center is a moveable data center.

However a modular containerized data center is not as small and portable as a micro modular data center. The uses and functions of a micro modular data center – and the containerized modular data center – are to analyze and fix problems that are separate issues from the work of traditional data centers. See the latest micro modular & containerized data center solutions at Instant Data Centers.

The basic traditional data centers are used for controlling computer systems, telecommunications and storage systems. Backup power supplies are usually housed within data centers. Environmental controls and fire controls are placed in the charge of data centers as well. Security controls are usually also housed in traditional data centers. Micro modular data centers and modular data centers are essentially like a backup of a traditional data center. Or they can even entirely replace the use of a data center if it’s more convenient to use the smaller scale devices then the large size of a regular data center.

Micro modular data centers come in contained, completely secured computing containers.

Everything that is needed to make it work like power, cooling, security and management devices are within their secure containers. Micro modular data centers are helpful for retail, machine to machine, smart cities, data intense oil and gas and enterprise and colocation. All micro modular data centers are built in a factory and tested in the same factory. They shouldn’t have any wear and tear because they are made in one factory. Being created in one factory means they aren’t shipped around to multiple places to be pieced together.

Being shipped around in that way to be put together can cause damage to a product or inconsistency between other products, so it is lucky micro modular data centers are created in one factory when companies make them. Once they have been constructed then the micro modular data system is shipped brand new straight to their new locations.

Micro modular data centers can be used both indoors or outdoors. Even rugged or remote locations can use a micro modular data center. They’re great for locations that are in a state of building a data center that will take time to complete or for places where having a data center is extremely difficult or impossible. Thanks to their small size they are perfect for even the most challenging of environments.